Clash Royale November Balance Change Update

Tornado will pair up well with ranged area damage troops just like Bomber and Wizard. Even if they are not, quite straightforward Ice Spirit or Zap must have finish the job, I know it’s unknown for now whether a level 4 Tornado will deal enough damage to kill Level 9 Minions. Have you heard about something like that before? The first comparable card to the Tornado is Freeze.

We can expect the Tornado to deal a little lessdamage than Arrows, and with a larger radius, So if the stats hold true at the time of the card’s release.

Freeze can alsoaffect buildings and has a longer duration, tornado has the lower Elixir cost, can deal damage and has a larger radius.

Actually the damage is dealt over a 3 second duration, and does not affect buildings. While troops are being pulled to the middle by Tornado, And so it’s likely that they are still able to deal damage with attacks. Bowler and Log have another cheap spell that will make it even harder for them to advance towards the opponent’s Crown Tower. Royal Giant and X Bow decks are starting to dominate the current meta, and convenient this spell will just makethese two decks even more powerful. It’ll a lot more likely be reserved for dealing with identical kinds of troops types that are primary targets for Arrows, the spell going to be somewhat effective against tanky troops as well with its ability to pull them back and damage the troops behind them.

Poor ground melee troops.

This change helps Ice Golem kill Skeletons nearby upon death at Tournament Rule card levels.

This is this particular great buff since people are using Skeleton Army and Tombstone a lot! Undoubtedly, 2s are should happen! The special Freeze ability is what makes Ice Spirit better troop in Clash Royale ‘pre update’. Now look. Currently its userate is very low. A well-known fact that is. Rage is always very fun to use and is the surprising part of most decks containing it. Lumberjack’s Rage effect gonna be also increased from 30 to 35. Basically, I strongly believe we will face the Rage Spell a lot in the Arena, with the insane buff for this 2 Elixir Spell.