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Clash Royale November Balance Change Update

Tornado will pair up well with ranged area damage troops just like Bomber and Wizard. Even if they are not, quite straightforward Ice Spirit or Zap must have finish the job, I know it’s unknown for now whether a level 4 Tornado will deal enough damage to kill Level 9 Minions. Have you heard about something like that before? The first comparable card to the Tornado is Freeze.

We can expect the Tornado to deal a little lessdamage than Arrows, and with a larger radius, So if the stats hold true at the time of the card’s release.

Freeze can alsoaffect buildings and has a longer duration, tornado has the lower Elixir cost, can deal damage and has a larger radius.

Actually the damage is dealt over a 3 second duration, and does not affect buildings. While troops are being pulled to the middle by Tornado, And so it’s likely that they are still able to deal damage with attacks. Bowler and Log have another cheap spell that will make it even harder for them to advance towards the opponent’s Crown Tower. Royal Giant and X Bow decks are starting to dominate the current meta, and convenient this spell will just makethese two decks even more powerful. It’ll a lot more likely be reserved for dealing with identical kinds of troops types that are primary targets for Arrows, the spell going to be somewhat effective against tanky troops as well with its ability to pull them back and damage the troops behind them.

Poor ground melee troops.

This change helps Ice Golem kill Skeletons nearby upon death at Tournament Rule card levels.

This is this particular great buff since people are using Skeleton Army and Tombstone a lot! Undoubtedly, 2s are should happen! The special Freeze ability is what makes Ice Spirit better troop in Clash Royale ‘pre update’. Now look. Currently its userate is very low. A well-known fact that is. Rage is always very fun to use and is the surprising part of most decks containing it. Lumberjack’s Rage effect gonna be also increased from 30 to 35. Basically, I strongly believe we will face the Rage Spell a lot in the Arena, with the insane buff for this 2 Elixir Spell.


Is Clash Of Clans Dying – But Its Also Hard

Is Clash Of Clans Dying – But Its Also Hard

Whenever representing a 40 percent plurality of the total gaming market, That same report estimates the total market for mobile games should be $ 45 billion in two years. A recent DigiCapital report estimates Asia will represent more than 50 all percent mobile gaming revenue by 2018, leaving Europe and North America to divide up the remainder. Reports have it that Niantic’s Pokemon Go is the most played game at the time but Supercell wants to revive the CoC fever in their next patch. Supercell wants to dominate the mobile game industry once more by prepping for a huge Clash of Clans update coming out this month. Buff the skeleton and clone spell. Add more skeletons and lower brewing cost to clone. The more you win the more territory your clan has. Clans should start out with a certain amount that can’t be diminished but can be increased with wins. Fact, They should replace the goblin map with a Risk like map where clans compete for and control territory.

While allowing players to summon an army of skeletons anywhere on the battlefield, the game’s latest content update includes a new skeleton dark elixir spell. a totally new clone elixir spell allows users to create a circle of spawning, that creates copies of the troops that enter it. The actual question is. My gripe? Know what guys, I don’t think its right. Consequently, My gripe is the upgrade cycling and spawning new troops only to knobble them a few months later when SC says their I’d say in case I buy gems to get those troop upgrades. Bigger hereafter th11. Release clash of clans tournements. Have you heard about something like this before? That must be the biggest addition. Needless to say, Is it dead.

What ever happened to that.

I truly believe people appreciate quality of life changes rather hereafter new troop lvls.

The builder que tab is great. I mean clash con had coc tourneys. A very well written article. You can find a lot more information about it on this site. Is it being tweeked. Communication. You are exactly right on each point. Usually, Like tim said. I’m almost sure I applaud you for that. However, I mean the new troop training screen is awsome. It seems as though there direction the game is going is flawed and in need of a review. Perhaps their focus is elsewhere these days and they’ve shuffled around a bit of their dev team to other projects, agreed it’s a popular game that makes them money.

Obviously, they have changed their direction this year and one has to wonder where is SC taking it.

I have to wonder how big the CoC dev team is these days.

You have to admit that in the last year things have gotten kind of odd for I would be surprised if their vacation schedule differed largely from some of the Finnish population, I can’t tell anything about the SC specifics. It is That’s a fact since Thi particular update feels like they did it just to had one. Please also let me state that I didn’t mean to say that the update was that minor because of the holiday -I meant that the summer updates are always without gamechanger because of the holiday period.

Have no evidence, I’m sure I heared that pretty much that august is vacation at SC. Users can create Friendly Challengesbychoosing between their active base layout and any other valid saved layouts, including war bases, and postingtheir challenge to their Clan’s chat. Any ideas? Therefore in case I kick the people ignoring it, it’s so little involvement, there won’t be a clan left. I’ve tried remind 101, clashtrack, even a website I built myself! Every time I try to set up everyone, people don’t do anything! That’s interesting. There is no real drive to grow high in trophies, war attacks get worse and the main real challenge I see on regular basis is who can post the most loot farmed in one attack. That’s right! SA Only, Been playing for 4 years and lead a really nice clan. Essentially, almost all players just farming to keep up with upgrades and this made the gameplay to deteriorate. You see, I’m at cross roads, I wanted to move forwards towards champions league. Dozens of players I know are just farming. Which I’ve done. With that said, practical options for me are to stay in master3 or go back to crystal or gold league and try and enjoy looting.

I wanted to unlock my 5th builder.

Its also hard.

I’m not that good of a shot to go through th9, th10 bases towards next league and keep up with updates. Actually, I just got into masters league yesterday. I’ve a th8 starter base level 68 player. I agree as well. For example, The game was not broken just needs some attention. For instance, If they could break it up into rooms it must be nice. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… A general chat, a looking for a clan chat, a recruitment chat. I believe the fun of the friendly challenge has quickly diminished, at least in my clan it has. By the way I also despise global chat. I’m sure SC will hand out would give up the challenge to have prep day back to normal. By the way I have no plans to quit playing.

Another member in the clan can choose to accept the challenge andattackthe player’s chosen base layout, whenever a challengehas been posted.

This Mini update is only a slim portion of what’s coming in August when they come back.

I imagine tournaments or something war related and lots of balancing. Who knows what will hit us in a months time. Usually, Supercell takes the entire month of July off, only reason an update launches in july is if its finished or close to finished.

Users also won’t earn any resources, trophies and akin bonuses by competing infriendly battles. Users can compete in unlimited Friendly Challenges. These battles do notcost gold, and they also won’tconsume users’ troops, spells, heroes or traps. Oftentimes Doesn’t really add more to the gameplay. Not dying but definitely need to ad new dimensions to the game rather than just more levels.

More levels quickly gets very boring. For me we’re looking at my priorites, for whatever its worth. Baby Dragon and the Miner. That said, The Baby Dragon is a ‘fire breathingair’ unit, and when it was not around other air units. Two new elixir troops been added to the game. Meanwhile, the Miner will digunderground to pass by walls before popping up next to atarget. Fact, This is a game site, not a dating site. It is getting harder to get on there really much anymore looking to recruit new members due to comments like, ‘Is there a girl on?’ to ‘I need a gf’. You did hit on something that bothers me in Global Chat.

I go there this nonsense is on there and is ruining it.

SC makes a big part of their revenue from this feature.

If they should wanted to do this they could’ve done it in the past 2 years.) I’d like to see that you can attack bases with your favorite intention -so no one except need to invite for a friendly challenge3.) I reckon this might come anyway being that many request it4.) That’s a key feature I really seek for for 2016! New levels are not motivating really -at least not me.) Don’t think this will ever come. They must stop their new troop, new spell, new level update policy. Most players have an awful lot of stuff left to do and I rather like to see more gameplay features and improvements than a completely new Archer Tower Level. However, What im seeing more of is the top war clans hitting perks 10 and 11 after that, releasing the repeat war win ain’t getting the thrills. Essentially, Many are changing to FWA or Orange league farming wars. These numbers are growing and its the most economic way to max out your base. That said, They started their balancing blog and said they will give frequent insights -after one single post this was over.

Supercell should change at this point -mainly with the communication. The game feels goodand the problems are far fewer than half a year ago. Same thing with the lavadogs, those things are terrible. Besides, I agree that miners are op but not the bowlers. They attack very slow and cost more than the Valkerie, that I think are very good in the game as they are fast, have good hp, do loads of damage and hit multiple targets at once, and cost less than the bowlers. Notice that Tim, how can you say the bowlers are op? Also, At least the golems can do some damage with their tanking, that’s a solitary reason I occasionally use them. I’d have to say that the poo chunkers are plenty of most worthless dark troops in the game. With that said, Sure they can tank well but that’s it, their damage ouput is awful, they take up to much space, and they cost way to much for what they do. Never liked using them and never will use them until they are made better. Perhaps CoC could do likewise.


Best Accessories For Clash Of Clans – Top 10 Clash Of Clans Accessories Gifts

Best Accessories For Clash Of Clans – Top 10 Clash Of Clans Accessories Gifts

The player is believed to be a Saudi. I invested in anyway.

I bought 2 of them and they still look pretty new after half a year of use.

You can pull them and store them in your bag without getting dirty. There’re also some that offers you protection from the eyes of the person sitting next to you, that works great.

By the way I know many use I know many have problems deploying troop accurately on a small screen size so using a capacitative penworks2 like a charm. Sometimes you can be lucky -Check here for iTunes Giftcards or here for Google Play Giftcards, they are not always cheaper. They are available for Apple devices or Android devices. Of course The abundance of Hidden Telsa towers near the center of your village will catch enemy troops off guard. This is the case. This stage layout must do wonders for players engaging in multiplayer Clan Wars. They shouldn’t have much luck getting in there anyway, thanks to the wealth of Defensive Buildings inside your Walls.

Whenever throughout the day I always like to make my regular farming attacks when I have a short break, that makes mybattery go down even faster.

Another question isSo the question is this. How long does your device’s battery hold up? I’m always short on power and having Clash of Clans running consumespower. By the way I know loads of you Clashers out there play on your phones. A cool way is the usage of a screen magnifierthat will enlarge the screen size and costs just a small percentage of what a tablet should cost. This massive defensive base setup does plenty of great things -every space that needs closure is covered in full by loads of Walls, Hero troops are safely encased inside this fort, bombs are scattered at various kill points for raiding troops and your Gold/Elixir storage is protected greatly.



Placing your Town outside of the perimeter of your village is risky.

You must lay down some Hidden Telsa buildings and traps near it so nobody will know what him ’em.

Have By the way I recommend this power bankfrom Vinsic with 20k mAh since it has lots of charging power and is also offering a great price with a stylish look. I like to calm hereafter down with some noise reducing headphones, By the way I always have noises around me. I’m sure it sounds familiar. It’s what I use in many countries it’s forbidden to use your cell phone or smartphone while driving. Placing more Mortars and Hidden Telsa towers within range of your Town Hall is another great fact of this design.